Granidias offers a wide range of products and excellence services to its customers. Working with a material as noble as granite, Granidias develops daily efforts to provide to its customers the best granite in the country, at the best price.

The granites sold by Granidias come from company’s quarry, ensuring the quality of all items, as gravel, masonry units, shaped masonry units, saws blocks, cornice and shaped kerbs.The process begins with the extraction of stone, proceeding to the cut and transformation, according to the customer preferences and instructions. Using most modern technology, Granidias has qualified professionals who provide personalized attention and quality to the customer.

Considering all the details, Granidias offers the best granite of the country as Amarelo Boticas, Rosa Monção, Azul Pedras Salgadas and Rosa Porrinho, at the best market prices.

Following are some services that we offer:

  • Granite transformation
  • Walls 
  • Building materials
  • Earthworks
  • Housing
  • Funeral art


  • Serviço 2
  • Muros
  • Serviço 3
  • Transformação de Granitos
  • Serviço 4
  • Terraplanagens
  • Serviço 1
  • Habitações
  • Funerária