The techniques of transformation of ornamental rocks include all the necessary processes for obtaining the various types of products from the blocks of rock extracted from quarries. This transformation can be quick and take place in the quarries, as for example, the granite blocks used in the construction of houses, or it can be very elaborate, as for example, the polished pieces.

When it is necessary to obtain thick pieces with a very precise geometrical shape, the best option is to use disc saws, which have the advantage of cutting only the necessary rock slices. In both cases smaller blocks can be used.

Blade saws are composed of a diamond blade, composed of abrasive elements agglomerated in a metal alloy, which moves over the block of rock to be sawn in slow back-and-forth movements so as not to damage the abrasive.

After the pieces are sawn with the desired thickness, it will be necessary to give it the surface finish that maximizes its aesthetic characteristics and gives it the best suitability for use. The surface finishes can be very varied according to the final irregularity obtained, ranging from polished (maximum brightness) to à maximum possible irregularity.